3/21/17 The Jews Follow Paul To Caesarea

Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, the Jews have put their plot into action.  The morning after Paul’s abrupt nighttime departure, they send a delegation to Commander Lysias, requesting that he send Paul out to be questioned further before the Sanhedrin.  Of course, having already been notified of their plot, the commander is ready for them.  “The prisoner Paul has been sent to Caesarea.  He is in the hands of Governor Felix now at Herod’s Praetorium.  You may send whomever you wish to question him there, if the governor gives you permission to do so.”  The delegation of Jews hurries back to the Temple to relay this message.  “Well, this changes things a bit, but we must press on.  This is our chance to get rid of that menace!” one of the Sadducee members speaks up.  The others agree, and a group of Sanhedrin members, led by High Priest Ananias, prepares to hastily depart Jerusalem for Caesarea.  They employ a Roman orator named Tertullus, who is well known for his excellence in speech making, to present their case before the governor, filling him in on all that is required of him on the way to Caesarea.  They make excellent time, arriving at the governor’s residence five days after Paul’s arrival there, and immediately request an audience with Governor Felix.


Acts 24:1


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