3/20/17 To The Governor


The centurions prepare everything just the way they have been ordered to by their commander, and by ten o’clock that night the party is on their way to see the governor in Caesarea.  They reach the city of Antipatris, built many years ago by Herod the Great.  As they have been traveling all night and have seen no sign of pursuit by the Jews, the centurions command the soldiers who are on foot to return to the barracks in Jerusalem.  “The danger has passed.  Return to your posts; we will take it from here.”  The centurions and the soldiers on horseback continue on with Paul and his companions, reaching Caesarea the following day.  “Governor Felix, I present to you Paul, a Roman citizen who is in danger from a group of zealous Jews, along with his companions, sent to you by Claudius Lysias, our commander in Jerusalem.  Here is the letter he dictated for you, explaining the situation.”  The governor takes the letter and reads it, then asks Paul what province he comes from.  “I am from Cilicia,” Paul tells him.  “The commander in Jerusalem is sending your accusers here to me.  When they arrive, I will hear from you and from them.”  He tells the centurions to bring Paul to Herod’s Praetorium and guard him there.


Acts 23:31-35, http://www.ebibleteacher.com/sites/default/files/images/1/Paul%20to%20Caesarea%201024.jpg



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