3/19/17 A Letter To The Governor

As soon as the centurions salute and turn to carry out their orders, the centurion calls for a scribe and begins to dictate a letter to him:  Claudius Lysias, to the most excellent governor Felix, I send my greetings.  The man who you are now receiving was captured, beaten, and about to be killed by a group of very zealous Jews here in Jerusalem.  I, along with the soldiers I had with me, ordered the crowd to disperse, and took this man, Paul back to the barracks, detaining him for questioning.  I learned that he is a Roman citizen.  In the morning, I summoned the Jewish council and assembled them before him so that I might learn the reason for their hatred of him, but I found nothing more than accusations by them that he has done certain things contrary to their law.  Nothing that would be a just cause for him to be imprisoned or killed.  I have just now learned of a plot by these same Jews to kill him as soon as they get the opportunity, and it is for this reason that I have sent him to you.  I am commanding those who have accused him to also go to you to present their case against him.  Farewell.


Acts 23:26-30


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