3/17/17 A Twist In The Plot

Paul’s nephew, the son of his sister, happens to be walking by the Temple when this little meeting is taking place.  He overhears the plot and immediately goes to the Roman barracks to tell Paul about it.  Paul calls for one of the centurions.  “Sir, this man has information that the commander needs to hear immediately.  Would you please escort him?”  The centurion takes Paul’s nephew and the commander grants him audience.  “Paul, our prisoner, has requested that I escort this man to you, saying that he has information that you need to hear immediately.”  The commander beckons Paul’s nephew closer and dismisses everyone else in the room.  “What is this important information that you have for me?” he asks.  Paul’s nephew answers, “I have just come from the Temple, where I overheard the Jews plotting against Paul.  They plan to come to you to request that you bring Paul before the Sanhedrin tomorrow so that they might question him further.  But there are more than forty men who have taken an oath to neither eat nor drink until they have killed Paul, and they will be waiting in the shadows to do so when you bring Paul before the Sanhedrin as they will request.  Please, do not consent to their request!”  The commander dismisses Paul’s nephew, telling him, “Keep this between us.  Tell no one else what you have just told me.”


Acts 23:16-22


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