3/10/17 Paul Has Gone Too Far

The crowd has been listening respectfully up until now, but as soon as Paul mentions being a light to the Gentiles, the uproar begins anew.  “Put him to death!  He is slandering the Name of our God!  He does not deserve to draw another breath!” come the cries of outrage.  This is accompanied by the tearing of robes and snatching up of dust to throw into the air.  But the commander of the Roman garrison calmly orders his soldiers to take Paul back into the barracks.  “Whip him, and question him while you do so.  Find out why the crowd is so incensed by him.”  With that, he turns on his heel and walks off quickly.  The soldiers remove the chains and replace them with leather cords, binding his hands and feet tightly.  Paul looks up to see a centurion standing guard, supervising the work of his soldiers.  He asks the centurion, “Tell me, is it right, according to Roman law, to whip a Roman citizen who has not been tried and convicted of any crime?”


Acts 22:22-25


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