3/9/17 Paul As A Light To The Gentiles

“When I came back to Jerusalem, I went to the Temple to pray.  Jesus came to me in a vision.  I saw His face and heard His voice.  He told me I needed to leave Jerusalem quickly, because the Jews would not look favorably upon my testimony about Him.  I said, ‘But, Lord, they are as I was just a few days ago.  And they know who I am.  My name is known in all the synagogues as the one who hunted down, captured, beat, and imprisoned Your followers.  They will remember that I was a party to the martyrdom of your servant Stephen, though I did not take part in his stoning, but only stood nearby to guard the cloaks of those who did.  Perhaps, since they know who I was, they will listen to me and believe my story about you?’  But He knew that the Jews of Jerusalem would not receive me, so He said, ‘Go, now!  I AM sending you far away, to be a light to the Gentiles.’”


Acts 22:17-21


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