3/7/17 Paul Recounts His Damascus Road Experience

The crowd is listening attentively to Paul’s words.  He knows this is his one chance to not only defend himself before his accusers here, but also to try to soften some of their hearts and minds toward Jesus.  He thanks God for this opportunity, even while continuing his speech.  “As I was on my way to Damascus with the group of men who were assisting me in capturing members of this new Way, an incredibly bright light suddenly shone down around me.  It was just about noon, and I was very near to Damascus.  I was blinded by this light and fell to the ground.  Then, a loud voice came to me from Heaven, saying, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?’  I was afraid of this Voice, and the power it held, but I managed to respond.  I said to the Voice, ‘Who are You, my Lord?’  He answered, ‘I AM Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.’  The men who were accompanying me to Damascus saw the light and cowered in fear of it, but they did not hear the Voice of the One who was speaking to me.  I opened my eyes, but still could see nothing.  Trembling in fear, I asked, ‘What would You have me do, my Lord?’  He told me, ‘Stand up.  Go into the city of Damascus.  When you arrive, you will receive further instruction regarding your assignment.’  The men who were with me told me that the light disappeared then, just as suddenly as it had come.  They helped me up and led me into the city, still blind.”


Acts 22:6-11


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