3/4/17 Paul Is Beaten & Arrested

The whole crowd is incensed by the words of these Asian Jews.  The people surge forward and capture Paul before he can even think about making an escape.  The priests, also alarmed by these accusations, shut the doors of the Temple as soon as the crowd is out of sight.  The commander of the Roman garrison in Jerusalem hears the tumult and immediately sends his centurions and all the soldiers in the city to investigate.  The Asian Jews in the crowd have begun to beat Paul, not even giving him a chance to defend himself against their accusations.  But as soon as the Roman soldiers arrive on the scene, the crowd parts and the fire fizzles out of the hearts of those who have accused Paul.  The commander of the garrison, having come with his soldiers, steps forward and orders two men to take Paul into their custody and chain his hands and feet.  “Someone tell me, who is this man and what is his crime?”  Everyone talks at once, shouting accusations over each other, and the garrison leader can’t understand anything anyone is saying.  “Stop!  This man, whoever he is, is now in our custody.  He will be taken to the barracks and questioned there.”  He turns and orders the soldiers to lead Paul back to the barracks.  The crowd, still angry, follows the soldiers, shouting threats and accusations at Paul the entire way.  By the time they reach the stairs to the barracks, the fire in the hearts of the crowd has spurred them to violence once again.  The soldiers lift Paul up and carry him into the building to keep him away from the violent crowd.  As he disappears from their view, shouts of “Banish him!  Get rid of him!” can still be heard.


Acts 21:30-36


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