2/28/27 The Rumors About Paul

James is concerned for Paul’s safety in Jerusalem.  “I’m sure you know, my brother, that many thousands of Jews are now believers in Jesus as our Messiah, and with the holidays upon us, many of them will be here in Jerusalem.  However, the majority of them are Pharisees, who still place great importance upon following the Law.  And they have heard that you teach the Gentiles not to follow the Law, and teach the Jews who believe to forget about the Law, that circumcision is no longer necessary, and that they should abandon all their Jewish traditions.  Now, I’m sure that when all of these believing Jews hear that you are in Jerusalem, they will come together and will wish to see you, and to hear from you.  But most of all, they will be anxious to discover what your intentions are here.  They will scrutinize you closely, watching to see if you do what they expect you to do.  So, we must come up with a plan to keep you safe.”


Acts 21:20b-22


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