2/27/17 Jerusalem At Last

Paul and his friends stay in Caesarea for quite a while, since they arrived so much earlier than they thought they would.  But, too soon, it is time to continue on their way to Jerusalem.  After packing and saying tearful goodbyes to their brothers and sisters in Caesarea, they set off.  A few of the Caesarean brothers decide to come with them.  Among them is a man named Mnason of Cyprus, one of the first in Caesarea to become a Christian.  The group arrives in Jerusalem to a warm greeting from their brothers and sisters there.  Tired from their trip, they retire early that evening, staying in the Jerusalem home of Mnason.  The next morning, Paul visits with James and all the church elders.  They are all eager to hear of his travels, and happy that he is there with them.  Paul tells stories all day long of everything God has been doing through his ministry to the Gentiles.  When he finishes telling of his adventures, the elders come together to praise God for His goodness.


Acts 21:15-20a


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