2/26/17 Don’t Go, Paul!

Everyone present surrounds Paul and begs him not to continue on to Jerusalem.  They’ve heard the warnings before, of course, but the dramatic presentation of Agabus’ warning has really brought it home for them.  “Please, brother, stay here with us where you’ll be safe!  The others can go on to Jerusalem, and we can send messages to and from our brothers and sisters there.  Really, there’s no need for you to go in person.  It’s far too dangerous for you!”  But Paul shakes his head, saying, “Look at all of you, all worked up over this!  You’re breaking my heart!  Don’t you know that I have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit?  Even if there is danger, I still have to go.  Besides, Jesus gave up His life for me, so how can I be unwilling to do the same for Him?  For His sake, I would not only walk willingly into the hands of those who wish to capture me, I would give everything I have, including my life.”  When they see that there is no changing Paul’s mind, everyone leaves him alone, saying, “God’s will be done.”


Acts 21:12-14


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