2/25/17 Drama In Caesarea


Paul and his friends arrive at the port of Ptolemais, where they are welcomed by another large group of believers.  They stay there only one day this time, feeling compelled to continue on toward Jerusalem.  The next day they board the ship again and sail on to Caesarea, arriving much more quickly than they anticipated.  This is Paul’s third visit to Caesarea, and he is looking forward to seeing his friends there.  Philip, one of the original apostles and now known as Philip the Evangelist, is living in Caesarea now, and Paul and his friends stay at Philip’s house while they are in Caesarea.  Philip has four daughters, all unmarried virgins, and all of whom have the gift of prophecy.  Another man with the gift of prophecy, named Agabus, hears that Paul is in town and travels from Judea to greet him.  He is a bit dramatic in his presentation of prophecy, and when he reaches Paul, he runs up to him and takes Paul’s belt from him.  He uses the belt to tie his own hands and feet together, declaring to all present in a loud voice, “The Holy Spirit has said that the owner of this belt will be tied up just like this by the Jews in Jerusalem, and he will be handed over to the Gentiles!”


Acts 21:7-11, http://www.middletownbiblechurch.org/ainacts/11-1.JPG


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