2/24/17 Following God Into Danger


Paul, Luke, and the rest of the group bound for Jerusalem board the ship and continue on their journey.  They stop along the way at the ports of Cos, Rhodes, and Patara to spend the nights on land.  From there, they find a merchant ship headed for Phoenicia and purchase passage.  The ship sails past Cyprus on the left, then moves on to Syria and makes berth at Tyre to unload its cargo.  The group of Christians disembarks as well, and Paul asks around to see if there is a local church that they might visit.  Finding a thriving group of believers, Paul leads his delegation to them, and they end up staying for a week so that they might enjoy Sunday worship together.  A few of these believers at the church in Tyre have the gift of prophecy, and they receive messages of warning for Paul while the group is visiting there.  They urge Paul not to go to Jerusalem, because the Holy Spirit has warned them of a plot to capture him while he is there.  But Paul has heard these warnings many times.  Everywhere he goes, it seems, someone receives a message of warning for him.  At the same time, Paul feels confident that the Holy Spirit is leading him to Jerusalem.  In his heart, he believes that these warnings are meant more to prepare him for the trials ahead than to make him change course.  And so, after a seven day rest with the church of Tyre, Paul and his friends head back to the port to continue on their journey.  The entire church goes with them, and they kneel on the sand of the shore together, praying for God’s blessing on their mission.  Then they bid each other farewell, the Christians of Tyre returning to their homes, and Paul and his delegation boarding another ship.


Acts 21:1-6, http://blog.spu.edu/lectio/files/2013/05/week9-large.jpg


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