2/23/17 Paul’s Parting Words To The Ephesian Church Elders

“And now, my brothers, I entrust you to God, that your lives may be governed by His word and His grace, because He alone is able to strengthen your faith and assure you of eternal life with Him in Heaven.  Remember that I wherever I have ministered, I have always labored with my own hands to provide for myself, asking no one to give his own money to pay for my needs, or for the needs of anyone in my company.  By doing this, I hope that I have been an example to you, that each person must do what he can to provide for himself, but we must always take care of those who are weak and unable to provide for themselves.  Remember what Jesus taught, that it is better to give than to receive.”  Paul finishes speaking to the Ephesian church elders, then gathers them in, kneels, and prays with them.  Everyone is overcome by the knowledge that this could very well be the last time they will be together before they reunite in Heaven, and their tears mingle together as they embrace one another.  They give each other the customary kiss on both cheeks before rising and walking back to the ship with Paul, where they bid him farewell.


Acts 20:32-38


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