2/22/17 Beware The Wolves

“Because of the warnings of these prophets, who continually tell me that my death is drawing near, I wanted to speak to you face to face now, in case this is the last time we see each other in this life.  So I would like to state publicly, and for you to testify with me if you agree, that I have not neglected any part of the ministry God’s Holy Spirit has called me to.  I have held nothing back, and have done everything in my power to bring people to salvation.  If anyone remains unconvinced that Jesus is our Messiah, the Son of God, and the only way we can be given eternal life in Heaven, it is not through any fault of my own.  I gave to all the people the entire message of Jesus, as directed by the Holy Spirit.  Now I charge you, as elders of the Ephesian church, to carefully watch over the church, just as the Good Shepherd watches over His sheep, who He bought with the sacrifice of His own blood.  I know that after I leave you, there will be those who come to you whose motives are evil.  Some will seek to deceive you, pretending to be Christians in order to draw closer to you and destroy you from the inside.  Others will be more direct, persecuting you from the outside.  They will come like wolves who want to devour the sheep.  Even some among you, some who you now call brothers and sisters, will turn against you, preaching lies to try to divide you and persuade as many as will listen to leave the church and follow them.  Remember, even for the three years that I was with you, I implored you, day and night, sometime in tears, to be on your guard against these things.  Now I urge you once again to always be wary so that you will not fall prey to these wolves!”


Acts 20:25-31


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