2/21/17 Paul’s Determination

Paul continues addressing the Ephesian elders, “I go now to Jerusalem, because the Holy Spirit draws me there, even though in every city I have visited, I have found prophets who tell me that death will overtake me soon if I continue on this path.  But, although I may have fear in my heart of the pain that may be awaiting me, that will not deter me.  I care nothing for my own life.  It belongs to God, and I give it to Him to use as He sees fit.  My only concern is to finish the work that He has entrusted me to do, and to finish well, as one who strives to finish a race.  God, through His Holy Spirit, has given me a ministry, and charged me to travel all over the world teaching everyone about His love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace, and proclaiming the message of Jesus – He is God’s Son, He was sent here to live the perfect life that no person on earth could ever live, to die in our place the death that we all deserve to die in order to pay the penalty for the sins of the world, and to rise from the dead, defeating death itself on our behalf so that none who believe in Him need ever fear death, and in order to give those who call upon His Name forgiveness of sins and life forever with Him in Heaven.”


Acts 20:22-24


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