2/20/17 Paul’s Farewell To Ephesus


While docked at Miletus, however, Paul is overcome by the desire to speak with the elders of the Ephesian church, at the very least.  He knows that his time on this earth is short, and that the possibility of being captured and killed follows him everywhere he goes.  Believing that this may be his last chance to address his beloved Ephesian church, he sends a messenger to call the elders, requesting that they join him at the dock.  And they come, immediately, which is a testament to their love and honor for him.  With his traveling companions clustered around him, Paul addresses the elders.  “You can testify to the way I lived with you from the first day that I came to you – that I served God humbly, facing all the danger that came upon me through the Jews who still plot against me willingly for His sake, weeping with you when you faced trouble of your own.  You know that I was not timid in my proclamation of His message, that I did not hold anything back but taught you all that I was given by the Holy Spirit, both publicly in the synagogues and privately, going from house to house and ministering to each family who received me.  I did not discriminate, but proclaimed the words of Jesus to all, both Jew and Gentile, encouraging everyone to turn away from sinfulness and to come to Jesus believing that He is God’s Son and the One who is able to release us all from slavery to sin.”


Acts 20:17-21, http://gorepent.com/wp-content/uploads/posts44/farewell.jpg



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