2/18/17 Eutychus’ Miracle


At Eutychus’ cousin’s cry, chaos ensues.  People dash for the stairs, fear in their hearts.  A crowd surrounds the body of the young man, his family at the forefront.  But Paul calmly walks through the crowd of brothers and sisters and kneels next to the boy.  “Don’t worry, everyone, he is not dead,” he tells the people.  He lays down on top of the boy, putting his arms around the still body, and silently praying.  After a minute, Paul stands and asks everyone to return to their seats in the third story room.  Paul nods to Eutychus’ family, assuring them that the young man is alive and will awaken shortly.  The family stays with him, watching over him, while Paul resumes his teaching upstairs.  Paul teaches all night long, finishing his message just as the sun begins to rise.  The meeting ends with everyone sharing the bread and wine in a joyful communion.  After speaking and praying with many of the brothers and sisters, Paul and his delegation head out of Troas.  They just miss seeing Eutychus’ family ushering a very much alive Eutychus back into the house, sparking another joyous celebration in the church.


Acts 20:9-12, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yBFoiSi8SnU/hqdefault.jpg


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