2/17/17 Eutychus’ Grave Mistake


On the Saturday evening before Paul and his delegation plan to sail away from Troas, he gathers the church together in for a worship meeting.  Paul delivers a powerful message to the church, speaking far into the night.  They are meeting in the large home of one of the brothers, in a spacious third-story room.  Lamps are lit and placed all around the room, giving a cozy, relaxed atmosphere to the evening.  At a table in front of Paul rest the bread and wine for the communion.  A young man named Eutychus is perched in a window as he listens to Paul, but far from hanging on Paul’s every word, Eutychus’ eyes are growing heavy.  His family is there with him, and he is quite relaxed among the people of his church.  Far too comfortable for his own good, in fact.  As he falls asleep, his relaxed body leans backwards and he falls out the window, hitting the ground three stories below.  His family doesn’t notice at first, because they are engrossed in Paul’s message, but one of his cousins hears something that makes him turn to the window Eutychus had just vacated.  Not seeing Eutychus, his cousin stands and walks to the window to see what made the noise.  He looks down and cries out in shock, seeing Eutychus’ body lying still on the ground.

Acts 20:7-9, http://www.dailyencouragement.net/images/scripture/eutychus_on_window_ledge.jpg


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