2/16/17 Paul Starts On His Way To Jerusalem

Paul finishes his letter to the Roman church and travels to Cenchrae, where he sends it off with Phoebe and a small delegation of brothers.  After spending the past three months in Greece, he is ready to start for Jerusalem.  He is prepared to go first to Syria from the port of Cenchrae, but upon hearing of a plot to capture him by the Corinthian Jews, he changes his plans, traveling to Macedonia instead.  He heads for Asia, accompanied by his good friend and physician, Luke, as well as a delegation assembled from several area churches – Sopater of Berea, Aristarchus and Secundus of Thessalonica, Gaius of Derbe, Timothy, and the Asian brothers Tychicus and Trophimus.  They travel together in hopes of protecting the large sum of money they have collected for the church in Jerusalem, and also as witnesses of Paul’s faithfulness, since some have accused him of dishonesty.  Paul and Luke stop in Philippi, staying at the Philippian church for a few days to celebrate the Passover feast, which is now becoming a feast to celebrate Jesus as the Lamb of God whose sacrifice paid for the sins of the world.  The rest of the delegation continues on to Troas and waits there for Paul and Luke to join them.  Five days after the Passover celebration, Paul and Luke meet up with the rest of the brothers in Troas.  A large gathering of brothers and sisters welcomes them when they arrive in the city, and Paul and his delegation stay with the church in Troas for a week before continuing on their journey.


Acts 20:2b-6


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