2/15/17 To God Be All Glory & Honor

“Our God has all power, and He is able to keep you standing firm in what you know to be true, in the undefiled message of our Messiah, and to strengthen you in your faith, by revealing to us His plan to save the world through Jesus, which is a mystery only hinted at since the world began, and which even the angels don’t completely understand, but which He is now allowing us to understand, at least in part.  He gave the prophets clues, showing them pieces of what was to come so that we could look to the Scriptures to find proof that Jesus is God’s Son, that He was foretold, that He is the fulfillment of all the prophecies about the Messiah from the beginning of the world till now.  And now He has issued a new commandment – to go to all the world and tell everyone about these things, so that everyone might believe and be saved from the penalty for their sins.  All the glory and honor belongs to our God alone, forever, through His Son, Jesus, our Messiah.  Amen.”


Romans 16:25-27


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