2/11/17 Give My Love To:

“There are many people in Rome now who are very important to me, and I would be grateful if you would seek them out and extend to them assurance of my love, and give them your encouragement as well.  Epaenetus, one of the first in Asia to give his heart to Jesus, is now living in Rome.  Mary is another; she has worked tirelessly for our Messiah.  Andronicus and Junia are fellow former Jews, and were imprisoned with me for spreading Jesus’ message.  They gave their hearts to Jesus before I did, and are highly esteemed among the apostles.  Then there are my beloved Amplias and Stachys, Urbanus, who is another faithful worker for Jesus, and Apelles, whose faith has been tested through harsh trials and has been proven true.  Herodion, another fellow former Jew and faithful servant of Jesus.  And then there are the households of Aristobulus and Narcissus, many of whom are now Christians.”


Romans 16:5b-11


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