2/6/17 Don’t Take Credit For What God Has Done

“From all the reports I’ve received about you, I believe in my heart that you are good, intelligent people, who have the ability to care for each other and correct each other out of love.  Even so, my brothers and sisters, I have taken it upon myself to write to you a bit more forcefully in certain areas, so that I might make these things absolutely clear to you, because God has given me the spiritual gifts to do so.  I do this because God has called me to be His apostle, primarily to the Gentiles, so that they might be saved from the penalty for their sins as well, but to all His children.  He has called me to something greater than myself, to concern myself with the things that concern Him, so that I might be instrumental in helping people come to Him.  I will not speak to anything that God has not done in or through me, because I do not dare to even attempt to take credit for anything – all the glory and honor is God’s alone.  How can I be an example to the Gentiles if I take credit for what I have not done?  But God has done some great miracles through me through His Holy Spirit in order to draw more people to Himself.  He has allowed me to teach His message from Jerusalem to Illyricum, and my goal is to spread His message far and wide, wherever it is not yet known.  I don’t want to intrude where someone else has begun to build, but instead I take to heart this verse written by the prophet Isaiah, ‘To whom He was not announced, they shall see; and those who have not heard shall understand.’”


Romans 15:14-21, Isaiah 52:15


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