2/4/17 Follow Jesus’ Example In Serving Each Other Instead Of Ourselves

“We who are strong in our faith need to be patient with those whose faith is weaker. Instead of flaunting our liberty as strong Christians and hurting the faith of those who are weaker, we should seek to help build up the faith of our weaker brothers and sisters. Remember, when Jesus was on the earth among us, He did not exercise the liberties He was entitled to as the Son of God. He patiently worked with us, teaching us in a loving manner, and encouraging us in our growing faith. As it is written in the Psalms, ‘The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.’ In other words, if I am your mentor in your faith and you have done something for which people are insulting you, it is really me who they are insulting, as the one who has caused you to make such a blunder. Remember, all of Scripture is there for us to learn from, to help us grow in faith and to encourage us to patiently keep working toward the goal of being perfect in the eyes of our Lord. We can learn from the mistakes that others who have gone before us have made, and draw hope and encouragement from knowing that God has never abandoned His people and promises that He never will.”

Romans 15:1-4, Psalm 69:9


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