2/3/17 Whatever You Do, Do It Out Of Faith & Love

“If you are willing to be patient with your brothers and sisters whose faith may be weaker than your own, you are showing them the love of Jesus, and serving Jesus in doing so.  Even though you will not be exercising the freedom Jesus died to give you, love is the most important commandment of all, and you will be doing what is right in the eyes of God and man.  So let’s try our best to find ways to bring peace and love to each other, in order to build each other up.  Doesn’t it seem rather ridiculous to destroy what Jesus has done because you’re fighting over what kind of food is ok to eat?  Yes, Jesus has told us that every kind of food is acceptable to eat, but if it causes someone to stumble in his faith, then the food is indeed unclean.  Don’t increase your brother’s or sister’s weakness of faith through eating or drinking something he or she finds unclean.  Exercise the liberty of your faith in private, and keep it between yourself and God.  Because if you exercise this liberty in public, you may only earn the disapproval of your brothers and sisters.  If they are weaker in their faith, and they consent to eat that which they believe is unclean because you are doing so, then they are laying guilt upon themselves, because they are not acting out of faith.  If something is not done out of faith, it becomes sinful.”


Romans 14:18-23


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