2/1/17 Each Person’s Journey To Heaven Is Between Himself & God

“Jesus has told us that in Him, there is no longer any food that is off limits for us because of uncleanness. My faith is very strong in this point, and I am confident that I will not grieve Him by eating or drinking anything that was previously considered unclean. However, many of our brothers and sisters do not have the same strength of faith in this matter, and so when I am with them, I defer to them. Because, when I am with them, if I insist on eating food that they consider to be unclean, I am not showing the love of Jesus to my brother or my sister, and I may be throwing a stone in their path of faith. If it is a big enough stone, it may knock them off the path. Although it is good for me to eat and drink whatever I choose without fear, if I exercise this right among brothers and sisters who still deeply believe that certain foods are unclean, I am eating unclean foods and am not showing love to my brothers and sisters, those who Jesus died for because of His deep love for them. Therefore, don’t let something that is good for you become evil because of the way you use it. Remember that Heaven, the Kingdom of God, is not about food and drink, but about loving one another and doing what is right in God’s eyes.”

Romans 14:14-17


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