1/24/17 Honest Self Esteem

“God has given me so much grace, and because of it, I have a much clearer picture of myself and all my own shortcomings.  Each one of you should examine himself carefully in light of God’s perfection and the grace that He has given to each of you, so that you do not consider yourselves better than you are.  If you truly have, in all sincerity, great faith, then use that great faith to do great things for God’s Kingdom.  And if your faith is small, begin with small things until your faith can grow.  Remember that we are all one body in Jesus, but made up of many different members, each with his own gifts.  Each of us must use our gifts to bring glory and honor to God, and in proportion to our faith.  Examine your gifts, whether they be prophecy, ministry, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, or showing mercy, and employ those gifts with all your heart, doing everything as if you were doing it as a gift for Jesus.”


Romans 12:3-8


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