1/23/17 Give Your Whole Selves To God

“Since God is so good to us, giving mercy and grace to the worst of offenders when they turn to Him and ask, I would implore you, as those who are now God’s children, to keep your bodies from slipping back into their sinful nature.  Instead make yourselves into living sacrifices to God – not in the way that animals are sacrificed to atone for sins, but sacrifice your fleshly desires for the good that is awaiting you from God.  Do not give in to the temptation to use your bodies for sinful purposes, but instead offer yourselves to God as His instruments, so that He might be able to do good things through you.  Just as the Jewish people were required to present only clean animals without any defects for sacrifices to God, cleanse yourselves from sin so that you are set apart from the evils of the world.  Then you may give your whole selves to God, knowing that the gift you give Him is worthy of Him.  In this way, you can show your devotion to Him and your gratitude for the new life He has given to you.  Don’t allow yourselves to be swept up in the day to day gossip or trends that the world esteems, acting as though you still belonged to the world.  But instead, commit your whole being to the new creation you have become through the Holy Spirit.  Don’t let your eyes and ears take in the evils of the world, but instead concentrate on that which is good and holy, so that your mind will be filled with good and not evil.  Then you will be able to see God’s will for you more clearly, and live it out for all the world to see.”


Romans 12:1-2


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