1/20/17 Guard Against Losing Your Faith

“You may be tempted to brag about your adoption into the family of God, your grafting into the olive tree.  You may be thinking about the branches that were broken off of the tree, those Israelites who have so far rejected their Messiah, so that you could be included in their place, and you are correct in your thinking.  These branches were broken off because of their lack of faith, and you were included instead because of your faith.  But instead of taking pride in this, let it be a reason for you to stay on your guard against anything that would cause you to lose your faith.  Because the Jews are by nature a people of faith, committed to God.  If God was willing to remove Israel, who He called out of the world to be a light to the world, who He has guided and taken care of and loved from the very beginning, can’t you be removed just as easily?  God is good, but that goodness requires justice.  If you turn away from your faith the way that Israel has, you, too, will be cut from the olive tree, just as Israel will be re-grafted into the tree if they turn back to God in faith.  Their branches are native to the tree, and it is just as easy for God to bring them back to the tree as it is for Him to take your branches from wild trees and graft them into His cultivated tree.”


Romans 11:19-24


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