1/19/17 God’s Olive Tree

“The patriarchs of Israel were saved from the punishment for their sins because of their faith in God, and so I have every reason to believe that their descendants, the present day family of Israel, will return to embrace that same faith and will also be saved.  Israel is often represented in Scripture through the image of an olive tree, the roots of which are planted deep in the soil of God’s love because of their faith.  Now, many of the branches of that tree have been broken off.  Those branches are the Jewish people who have rejected their Messiah.  In their place, many wild olive branches have been grafted into the tree.  These branches are you, the Gentiles.  Because you have accepted the free gift of salvation that Jesus offers as our Messiah, you have been adopted into God’s family and can now benefit from the spiritual nourishment that the roots of this olive tree offer.  But be careful not to grow proud in your new situation and think yourselves better than those branches that were broken off – those Jews who have rejected Jesus.  Instead, show them the love and grace that God showed to you in accepting you as His children and forgiving you of your sins.  Remember, you are not the root of the tree, nor do you have anything that the root needs.  The root gives you Life and supplies all your needs.”


Romans 11:16-18


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