1/17/17 Is This The End Of God’s Favor For The Jews?

“As I have struggled with this, wondering what is to come of my fellow Jews, I had to ask myself if this is the end for them.  Through their rejection of Jesus, have they angered God so much that there is no hope for them to have a change of heart?  Are they now and forevermore lost, shut out from God’s grace?  I tell you, the answer is no.  God has used His people Israel as a light to the Gentiles from the beginning, when He first chose Jacob and his family to be His.  Now, He is turning the tables and using the Gentiles to be a light to the Jews.  Because the Jews have grown complacent in their faith, taking God for granted after all these centuries, and have failed to accept Jesus as the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and the sacrifice that pays for all their sins, this salvation is now offered to the Gentiles, who are accepting it eagerly.  Now, the Jews can see the result of God’s grace in the Gentiles, and the miraculous changes in their hearts and their lives because of Jesus and because of the Holy Spirit living in their hearts, and this will make them jealous.  When this jealousy drives them to re-examine what they have rejected, they will be drawn to Jesus, and in turn be an even brighter light for those Gentiles who have not yet come to Him.”


Romans 11:11-12


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