1/11/17 Israel, Look To Him And Believe

“My brothers and sisters, I tell you once again that I would give anything to see my people, Israel, come to believe in Jesus as their Messiah.  They are completely devoted to God, but not by faith.  They are blinded to the truth, that Jesus came to give them a way to be forgiven for their sins that is better than trying in vain to keep the Law.  And in their devotion to keeping the Law, they have forgotten the most important aspect of it – the commandment to love the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls, strength, and minds, and to love their neighbors as they love themselves.  Because they will not even consider that God has made a better way for them, they are actually now in rebellion against God in their devotion to the Law.  Jesus came to fulfill the entire Law for everyone and to put an end to it.  He came to bring us a way to be forgiven and freed apart from and above the Law, and it is a free gift for anyone who will trust in Him and believe His words.”


Romans 10:1-4


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