1/8/17 Clay In The Hands Of The Potter

“You may argue that if God hardens some people’s hearts against Him, why does He then still say that they are acting against Him of their own free will, and fault them for it?  To that argument, I would say, who are you to accuse God?  You are only men, created by God.  Do you have any right to say to your creator, ‘You are unfair!’?  Everyone is given a chance to come to Him, to turn away from sin and do what is right.  Anyone whose heart is hardened by God has first sinned against Him and refused to submit to Him.  And even after hardening hearts, God is still willing to forgive these people if they will only come to Him and ask.  But even so, God is the Potter, and we are the lumps of clay that He has turned into bowls, and He has complete creative discretion over our shape, our quality, our beauty, and our use.  If He wants to use some of us to show His love and mercy, and others to show His Holy righteousness and perfect judgment, that is His prerogative and we have no right to question it.”


Romans 9:19-21


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