1/4/17 I Wish I Could Bring All Of Israel To Our Messiah

“Now, what I am about to say may sound unbelievable to you, but I assure you that I speak from the bottom of my heart, and the Holy Spirit can confirm that my words and the deep sentiment behind them are true.  My heart aches for my Israelite brothers and sisters who have rejected Jesus and His gift.  My sorrow for them is so great that I wish I could exchange myself for them, giving up my own salvation for them.  I would gladly give up my place in Heaven and spend eternity in Hell for their sakes.  They are my flesh and blood, and they were to be the first of those saved by the grace of our Messiah Jesus.  It was to them that God gave the prophets, the angels, the Law, the promises, the covenants.  It was from them that our patriarchs arose, and from them that Jesus was born into the world.  They have been God’s special family for thousands of years, and it is through them that the rest of the world is now being saved from sin through Jesus, our Messiah, who is the King of all Kings and the Son of our Great God, who reigns forever.  Amen!”


Romans 9:1-5


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