1/2/17 What’s A Few Years Of Suffering Compared To An Eternity Of Joy?

“What, then, can we conclude about these things?  If God is on our side – and we know that He is because He called us to be His own, sent Jesus to us to save us from eternal death and bring us eternal life with Him instead, and placed His Holy Spirit in our hearts to guide us Home to Him – if God is on our side, what could possibly happen to us that will have any eternal negative impact on us?  Yes, we may endure tremendous suffering in this life.  But in light of eternity, what is this life?  A few years, gone in a flash.  What is a little bit of suffering compared to eternal joy?  Nothing!  God loves us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His one and only Son, giving Him up to Satan to do with what he willed, so that we could be spared.  If He loves us that much, and has already given us what is most precious to Him, what is there that He will not give to us?  Does it matter if someone slanders us or accuses us?  We are pronounced innocent by God, through Jesus.  What is an accusation made by humans compared to our justification by God?”


Romans 8:31-33


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