1/1/17 Called To Be Brothers & Sisters Of Jesus

“We can be content in our suffering because the Holy Spirit helps us in our suffering and in our weakness.  When we can’t find the words to pray for the deepest longings of our hearts, when all we can do is to cry out without words, the Holy Spirit knows what to say and prays to God on our behalf.  Because God and His Holy Spirit are one, because God knows the hearts of His children, because the Holy Spirit prays according to God’s will, He will hear and understand when His Holy Spirit prays on our behalf.  And we can be confident that everything that happens to us, no matter whether it causes us suffering or joy right now, God is using for our good, if we are His own.  He knew the ones who would be His own from before the beginning of time, and before each of us was born we were already destined to be brothers and sisters of Jesus, so that Jesus would not forever be God’s only Son, but the first born of many brothers and sisters.  And those God knew would be His, He called to Himself in the right time, and saved from slavery to sin, and sent His Spirit to guide them to Himself, so that they would be changed into their true selves and share in Jesus’ glory.”


Romans 8:26-30


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