12/29/16 God Is Our Loving Daddy

“My brothers and sisters, we owe a debt, not to the Law or to sin, which would cause us to live as those who have no hope.  If we continued to live in this way, we would be giving ourselves over to death.  No, our debt is one of gratitude, owed to God for the gracious gift He gives to us in Jesus.  We have His Holy Spirit within us, and now we must show this in the way that we live, resisting sin’s temptation so that we can embrace life instead of death.  We know that Jesus has not simply paid the penalty for our sins and saved us, but that because He gives us the Holy Spirit when we accept His gift, we become as He is – true sons and daughters of God by adoption through the Holy Spirit, and co-heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus.  It is through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that our hearts cry out to God, calling Him Daddy.  We are no longer living in fear of the consequences of not keeping the Law of Moses, no longer enslaved to sin, but instead we are loved as adopted children of the King of the Universe.  And if you are unsure of this, look to your heart.  The Holy Spirit will be a witness to you of this truth, that we are God’s children, and because of it also His heirs along with Jesus, if we are willing to suffer alongside Him so that we might also share in His glory.”


Romans 8:12-17


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