12/28/16 With The Holy Spirit, The Future Is Our Hope

“But if you do have the Holy Spirit in your heart, you are no longer living as an enemy of God.  All those who belong to Jesus have the Holy Spirit within them, but if the Spirit is not in your heart, you do not belong to Him.  When you belong to Jesus, your sinful human nature is dead, having been crucified with Him.  So it is as if your body is dead because that is where your sinfulness stems from, but your spirit is given new life free from the slavery of sin, because of the Holy Spirit living within you.  This is the same Holy Spirit who brought Jesus back to new life after He died on the cross.  If this same spirit lives within you. He will not only give your spirit new life, reconciling you to God through Jesus’ sacrifice for us, but will also bring new life to your body as well.  We are all still human, and living in this world that is cursed with death, and so we will all die.  But if the Holy Spirit lives within your heart, you will be given a new body after this one has died, and your new body will be all that it was originally meant to be, and will live forever.”


Romans 8:9-11


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