12/27/16 Without The Holy Spirit, There Is No Hope For The Future

“The people of this world, at least those who do not belong to Jesus, see only this world and what it has to offer.  They don’t think about Heavenly things, because they are too caught up in thinking of what will make them happy here and now.  But we, who belong to Jesus and know that this life is only a brief period of time spent away from our true home in Heaven, set our minds on the things of Heaven.  Because we know that we will live for eternity in Heaven with God, and that there will be no more sin there, and therefore nothing bad, we can have joy and peace in our hearts even in the worst circumstances in this life.  But for those who don’t know Jesus and the amazing life He offers those who will trust in Him to pay the penalty for their sins, this life only leads to death.  If there is only the life we have now and then death for all eternity, there is nothing to stop people from sinning to get what they desire, because they have nothing else to put their hope in.  And even if they want to stop sinning and draw closer to God, without the Holy Spirit, this cannot happen, as I have illustrated previously.  Any sin separates us from God, and makes us His enemies.  So if we are ruled by our sinful human nature, as we all are before the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts, we can’t possibly be reconciled to God.”


Romans 8:5-8


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