12/26/16 Jesus Did What The Law Of Moses Could Not Do

“When we surrender ourselves to Jesus, the Holy Spirit brings God’s Law into our hearts.  Where once the Law was external, written on stone tablets, now it is within us, written on our hearts.  The Law working with the Holy Spirit within our hearts brings us that life that God intended the Law to bring when He gave it to Moses, and brings us the promise of life forever in Heaven with God.  Now, I am free from the sin and death that enslaved me and caused me to be disobedient to God’s Law when it was external.  The Law, though good and just and holy, was unable to save us from the power of sin’s enslavement over us.  But what the Law couldn’t do, God sent Jesus to do – to live in a body like ours, but unable to be enslaved by sin.  He conquered sin for us so that it could no longer enslave us as long as we are willing to accept the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf.  The Law requires punishment for sin, and that punishment is death, so any sin committed by any person carries a death penalty.  But for those who belong to Jesus, that penalty is paid in full once and for all, and we are set free from sin in order to live by the power of the Holy Spirit.”


Romans 8:2-4


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