12/25/16 Jesus, Born On This Day To Live & Die For Our Redemption

“Jesus was born, lived, and died as a human being, while remaining fully God at the same time, in order to do what no one could ever do on their own.  He was born as a man, yes, but because He was still fully God, He was not born as a sinner like the rest of us.  And because He was not born as a sinner, He was the only one ever who could, and did, live a completely sin-free life.  And then, He willingly gave Himself up to be killed on our behalf, taking upon Himself the sins of the entire world and all of history, and subjecting Himself to complete separation from God in His death.  Because of this, anyone who trusts in Jesus to save them from the penalty – eternal death, eternal separation from God – for their sins, will receive exactly that.  Our slate is wiped clean, our sins, past, present, and future, forgiven, and God looks at us in the same way that He looks at His Son.  We no longer stand condemned for the evil in our hearts, because now the Holy Spirit resides in our hearts.  We no longer live by the sinful nature of our flesh, but by the power of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.”


Romans 8:1


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