12/24/16 Jesus Frees Us From Sin

“This is the same for all humans – we want to do that which is good, but the evil within us prevents us from doing it.  In my heart, I agree with God’s Law.  I love His Commandments, because I know that they are good and holy and just.  But in my sinful human nature, I am at war with my heart and mind, that part of me that loves God’s Law, and that sinful nature has enslaved me, forcing me to disregard the good I want to do and to keep pursuing the evil desires of my sinful nature.  In desperation, I fall to my knees and proclaim that I am a despicable man!  Is there anyone or anything that can save me from the death I keep pursuing?  And I praise God because He has sent His only Son, Jesus, who is the only one who can save me, and He has done so already.  It is only through the saving grace given to us through Jesus that our hearts and minds, the parts of us that love God and His Law, are freed to do so, and to overpower the sinful nature of our flesh.”


Romans 7:21-25


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