12/22/16 Sinful Law?

“Is the Law of Moses sin, then?  No, because the Law comes from God, and God is incapable of sin.  No, the Law itself is not sin, but it acts like a mirror to us, showing us our true nature.  It shows us how we sin.  If God hadn’t given us the Law, I would not have known what was sinful.  For example, if God hadn’t commanded, ‘You shall not lustfully desire that which is not yours to possess,’ I would never have known that such a desire was sinful.  Before God gave Moses the Law, it was as if sin was almost dormant.  It was there, always, present in everyone and everything in the world, introduced to all creation by Adam and Eve.  But we didn’t know that we were sinning.  We felt like we were doing alright in our lives.  Then, when God gave Moses His Commandments, it’s as if sin came roaring back to life again.  The Law is meant to show us how to live the way God wants us to live.  It is Holy, because it comes from a Holy God.  But it creates opportunities in us for sin that wouldn’t be there without the Law, simply because our human nature is to want to do what we cannot or should not do.    So, what God intended for our good actually caused us to do ourselves greater harm.  Satan took advantage of God’s Commandments.  He whispered in our ears that we could never live up to such perfection.  He used sin to deceive us, enticing us away from God through the very Commandments that God gave us to bring us closer to Himself.  God’s Laws and Commandments are as God is – Holy, and just, and good.  But Satan loves to take what is good and twist it to make it evil, and in this way, the Law of Moses brought death where God intended life.”


Romans 7:7-12


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