12/21/16 We’re Not Married To The Law Of Moses Anymore

“I know that there are many who still raise the objection that even after giving our lives to Jesus, we are still under the Law of Moses.  I know that in your Roman church about half of you are Jews and half Gentiles, so I know that you know the Law.  So you know that, according to the Law, when a man and woman are married, they are bound together in marriage until one of them dies.  If one of them decides to leave the marriage and be with someone else while both spouses are alive, that person is committing adultery and going against the Law.  But if one spouse dies and the other remarries, there is no adultery, because the marriage lasts only as long as both spouses are living.  In this same way, as long as you were living under the Law of Moses, you were subject to it.  But now, having died with Jesus to that old life, you are new creations, and no longer under the Law but under the grace and mercy of God Himself, through the sacrificial gift of Jesus.  You are no longer married to the Law, because you have died to it.  Instead, you are now married to Jesus.  Before, when you were under the Law, sin reigned in your lives, adding daily to a debt you could never pay, the punishment for which was eternal death.  But now, having died to that old life with Jesus, our debt has been paid and we are free to start to add daily to a savings account instead – because every good work done in Jesus’ Name is recorded in Heaven and added to your account, and will last for eternity.  We now are set free to live and work as new creations, with God’s Holy Spirit living in our hearts and guiding us, knowing that our sins – past, present, and future – are forgiven, instead of living under the weight of the debt of sins piling up against us with only the Law of Moses as an external guide, showing us how far we are from measuring up to God’s expectations of us.”


Romans 7:1-6


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