12/20/16 Set Free To Do Good

“While you were enslaved to sin, you were free to do anything you wanted to do, it’s true, but what was the lasting benefit of that life?  All sin leads to eternal death, and anything that came from your sins that may have seemed to be good can never last, and was never truly good to begin with.  Satan excels at making evil look good and at clouding people’s eyes and hearts to that they don’t see the evil they are enslaved to.   But after giving our lives to Jesus, our hearts and eyes are open to the truth, and we look back with shame at all the evil we did before.   Now, as slaves of God, we have been set free from the hold of sin and the death that comes from it.  And everything we do out of the love for God that is in our new hearts benefits us now in this present life on earth, and lasts eternally.  Sin leads only to death, but God gives us the great gift of real, always joyful life in Jesus that will never end.”


Romans 6:20-23


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