12/19/16 Sin All You Want – It’s Already Paid For???

“Ok, so we’re no longer under the Law, but instead we have been redeemed by God’s grace.  Is that a license to sin?  Because any sin we have ever committed or will ever commit is covered by Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  We can do whatever we want and we’re not going to be held responsible for our actions, right?  No!  Whenever you decide you are going to commit to something or someone, you become a slave to that person or that thing.  Shall we be slaves to sin, after Jesus paid with His life to set us free from sin?  Do we want to keep living that life that we know leads only to death?  Or is it better to be slaves to Jesus, the one who loves us so much that even when we were completely against Him, when we hated Him, He still voluntarily gave up His life to save ours?  It is through God’s drawing us near to Himself that we, even when we were slaves to sin, heard His call and came to Him.  We thank Him profusely that He saved us from the death that we were heading toward in our sinful lives, calling us to Himself and opening our hearts to hear and believe Jesus’ message.  Now, since we have all been freed from slavery to sin, we willingly present ourselves to be slaves to Jesus, the one who saved us.  I am speaking in human terms, to help you better understand spiritual things.  Just like your whole bodies, including your arms and legs, hearts and minds, were enslaved to sin and becoming more so with each sin committed, we must now turn and use our whole bodies for the things of God, those things that are right and just and loving.”


Romans 6:15-19


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