12/17/16 Crucified & Reborn With Jesus

“All those who believe that Jesus is God’s Son and has the power to forgive all our sins are united in Him, both in His death and in His new life, knowing that just as He was crucified, our old sinful nature was crucified along with Him so that our bodies, born as sinners, can be stripped of that which makes them inherently sinful and we will no longer be enslaved to sin.  We become like those who had faith in God to save them and have already died.  They are no longer here on the earth in their earthly bodies, and are no longer enslaved to sin.  They have been set free, and because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us, we have also been set free.  If we believe that our sinful nature has died with Jesus, we must believe also that we will be given new life in Him, just as He was raised from death to new life, and that once we have done this, we will never again be subjected to eternal death, but instead, look forward to eternal life with Him.  He, in willingly sacrificing His life for us and then returning to new life from death, has defeated death for all of us.  He died once for everyone in all of history, and there is nothing else needed to cleanse us from our sins and give us eternal life with Him.  He now lives, triumphant, with and for God.  Just like Jesus, we who belong to Him are dead to sin and alive to God, through Jesus’ sacrifice for us.”


Romans 6:5-11


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