12/16/16 A New Life Freed From Sin

“So, I will go back to what I asked before:  should we keep sinning, so that God’s grace will be greater?  Of course not!  Jesus willingly endured torture, a horrible death, and complete separation from God in order to free us from the bonds of sin.  When we come to Him and put our trust in Him to save us from the penalty of our sins, His Holy Spirit comes into our hearts and changes us, gradually, into who we were meant to be, apart from sin.  We, in essence, die along with Him, because our sinful nature is put to death and we are given new life in Him.  It is almost as if we shed the layer of skin that contains our sinful nature and grow a new Jesus skin in which we begin to grow closer to and more like Him.  When we are baptized into Jesus, it is a symbol of that death and the new life that comes after.  When we go down into the water, our sinful nature dies and is buried with Jesus, and when we are raised out of the water, we are raised into the new life that He gives us, just like when God raised Him from death.  And now, we must live our new lives as we are – no longer sinners, but new creations, led by God’s Holy Spirit.”


Romans 6:1-4


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