12/15/16 Jesus’ Love Saves Us All

“Just as through one man, Adam, sin entered the world and infected everyone and everything in it, through one Man, Jesus, the whole world was freed from the ravages of sin. Jesus is like the second Adam, and lived the way the first Adam should have lived, and through Him all who trust in Him are saved from sin. The first Adam brought death and condemnation into the world, but the second Adam, Jesus, brought life and redemption and reconciliation. Through one man’s disobedience, all were made sinners, and through one Man’s obedience, all who believe are restored. But the free gift Jesus offers the world is so much greater than the curse resulting from the first Adam’s sin. Because not only did Jesus’ gift reconcile us to God and free us from the slavery of sin, He also promises that we will live and reign with Him in Heaven forever. The Law was introduced to show us our sinful nature, and as a result, sin increased. But God’s grace through His Son Jesus increased even more, so that the death that sin brought would be erased and replaced with eternal life, God’s children reconciled to Him in love and grace.”

Romans 5:15-21


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