12/14/16 Adam’s Sin Infected Us All

“Through the disobedience of one man, Adam, to God, sin entered the world and infected everyone and everything in it.  Because we are all Adam’s descendants, we all enter this world as sinners, and therefore condemned to death.  Even though there were thousands of years between Adam’s sin and the giving of the Law to Moses, sin was still alive and prevailing over the world.  The Law did two main things:  it showed us the specific ways we sin against God, thereby also showing us our need for someone to save us from our sins, and it enhanced sin through the misunderstanding and misuse of the Law – for example the Pharisees keeping the letter but not the spirit of the Law, and lording it over everyone else.  The Law itself did not introduce sin, it only clarified its definition.  Sin and death were rampant in the world between Adam’s day and Moses’, even though many people did not sin in the specific way that Adam did.”


Romans 5:12-14


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